by Celuta Red

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Eftychia Salta: Vocals, Bass Guitar
Giannis Mamatsias: Guitars
Kriton Bellonias: Drums

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ottomo @ New Fab
Liquid Studio Recordings.

Artwork and Photography by Yannis Stathopoulos.

Thanks to all friends for supporting us during these troubled yet so
beautiful years, we’ll continue playing music because “we cannot do
otherwise” and hopefully extracting what else is in here.
And to be more specific: Lila Mastora, Marialle Keto, Efrosine Kokkori,
Daniel Patrikios, Dora Lou Dulipa, Petros Stamellos, Velou, Nikos
Vourliotis, After Dark, Elianna Kolyva, Nadia Mavromataki, Keyser Soze.

Special thanks to Fotis Dimitriadis and Spyros Paraskevaidis for the
time we played music and shared thoughts.

° Dedicated to our unicellular true self


released February 27, 2015

Music by Giannis Mamatsias and Eftychia Salta
Words by Eftychia Salta



all rights reserved


Celuta Red Athens, Greece

Celuta is an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. Red is the colour of fire, a vital element of life, such as music. We play music because we can't do otherwise

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Track Name: Minimum Lifespan
I have a country that I don’t want to share with anybody
Have a country that I don’t want to share with anybody
Have a country that I don’t want to share with anybody
Different from my race and color
I have a sweater that even if I am warm enough to wear
No one will have it I’ll keep it in my closet till I throw it
Have a sweater that I don’t want to share with anybody out there
Out there, out there
Hide from the rage you provoked with your acts of hate
Hide from the pain you have caused with your gods
Hide from the child from the one that you stole its life
Hide from the innocent, hide from the truth
Run for your life take no more than your ugly face
Run for your life, I have shortened your lifespan
Mad as I am, free as I am, me as I am
Sometimes I dream that the world is full of flowers
And we have one heart that feeds us all together
All the children have their parents and they are safe
You are all liars and your lies become my power
Driving through your dreadful highway
You are all liars and your lies become my power
Driving through your dreadful highway
Full of fences instead of trees you may run but you can’t hide
Track Name: I Don't Care
If you burn my house down I don’t care
Even if you hate me I don’t care
I still love you, I still love you
Lock me in an asylum I don’t care
Eat supplies for doom’s day I don’t fucking care
I still want you
I will tie you down and keep you there
Soon you’ll love me back baby I swear
You will love me
I don’t care, I don’ care, I don’t, I don’t
Track Name: Incognito
Inside your mind I am
I walk through lines and nerves
Inside your soul I am
I live incognito
You are my love one love
Won’t ever let you go no way
No way, no way, you own
My heart my blood my eyes
The air I breathe
Inside my dreams you came
You play the leading role
You are my love one love
Won’t ever let you go no way
Track Name: Amoeba
Hey hey hey hey
Hey hey hey hey
Watch out the waves come closer you’ll drown
Deep breath your heart needs air from where
Inside the sea’s hug can’t think nor fear
As dark as black I still can feel
My lungs the sounds convert to words
The truth reveals the truth of life
We are one we were are still since ever
Track Name: Etna
Don’t try to tame me
I’ll burn you down, I’ll burn you down
Don’t try to tame me
I’ll burn you down, inside
Track Name: Keyhole
One two three and four I count to five
My eyes in blindfold why don’t you hide
In the closet you feel so secure inside
Will lock you in just a keyhole
See me dancing in the room to make you smile
I am in your dress the red divine
The one you save to wear for me to sigh
And I am not there, I am never there
One two three and four I count to ten
My eyes are open now come out you can
This hide and seek is coming to an end
Come out and play life is your prey
Track Name: Jerusalem
There is a wall between our lives it’s built so high, built so high
If you look inside the mirror that won’t lie, it won’t lie
We are as similar as raindrops from the sky, from the sky
Others dive into the mud and others fly, others fly
If I ended up impassive I would rather, I would rather die
Give me everything you have and we are even, we are even now
Whores and nuns inside your temple god is watching from her golden throne
She is laughing as she falls a bomb inside her pocket and goodbye
Mother of all tribes, standing beauty
East to the west dressed up with rocks
Since you were born you are drinking sorrows
Painted with blood a weeping soil
Drown them all, with your tears, wash away all the sickness
And in health no one cares, no one dares to make a change
Track Name: Moment's Delirium
Why when you are near I feel fine I don’t know
Words come out easy seeing your eyes shooting stars
Rapped in delusion I am lost I am grateful
One night was a whole life I came to nothing in a blast
Hearing voices deep inside my head is spinning I am no longer sane
Gave away my bulletproof vest only way to living is through pain
Used to drooling like a puppy every time I got a petty treat
Tiger’s cage is made of straw the wind is blowing soon she will be free
She is out there