Celuta Red

by Celuta Red

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The first album of Celuta Red

All tracks written and performded by Celuta Red.Eftychia Salta (Lyrics-compositions-guitar),Giannis Mamatsias(compositions-guitar),Fotis Dimitriadis(drums),Spyros Paraskevaidis(bass guitar).
Produced by Ottomo Engineered,mixed and mastered at Fab Liquid studios by ottomo
Artwork by Nikos Vourliotis
Photos by Eva Darara
Manufactured by Digital Press Hellas
Thanks to Nikos Barbagiannis,Charalabos Chrysantakopoulos,Aggeliki Panagiotou,Maria Balodimou,AntiRiga,After Dark,Aris Zervas,Giannis Stathopoulos,Grigoris Flemetakis,Andria Bandis & the Dinokratous 10 company,Giannis Markos,Nikos Retsos,Vaggelis Paraskevaidis.Giorgos Gavalas,Tolis Mastrokalos and all friends for their support.Special thanks to Giorgos Kayannas for his constribution in co-writing the lyrics of "Got My Way"


released April 11, 2011

Salta Eftychia (Music,Lyrics) , Mamatsias Giannis(Music)



all rights reserved


Celuta Red Athens, Greece

Celuta is an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. Red is the colour of fire, a vital element of life, such as music. We play music because we can't do otherwise

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Track Name: Tv
The end of love, the end of faith, the end taste of something pure, of something rare, of something way out of our minds, out of our hearts, out of our boarders, in which we suffer, in which we can’t live as we want.
For our souls, for our children, for the planet, that asks for help but we don’t listen as we ought to, because we are sick, because we are greedy and obnoxious, as human beings, with human needs and human hunger
for power with which we feel like we are gods and gained infinity but no, ‘cause death will come for you as well despite your fortune.

And you’re proud of being as human as a pig

Who eats them all digests them all but never spits.
Track Name: Room
Tried analyzing, realizing
That it’s more than this
Amazing beauty comes behind the scene

Trapped in a cage of despair
Is it really so hard to dare
Expecting nothing brings you into bliss

Tried hypnotizing, emphasizing
the things I miss
Sarcastic creatures laughing to my face

Desire the “unholy fuck”
“Shut up and lie on your back”
Expecting something throws you into the gap

Have u ever tried to fly without your wings?
Have you ever learnt to love without your strings?
Did you ever ruin a spider’s net for fun?
Did you ever slaughter feelings and then run?

I tried to be there but it’s not enough
I gave you my whole, but it’s not enough
It seems your idol has become a freak
My eyes are wide shut, have a dream to keep

Defy your ego, come and break my cell
The wall inside me needs some kind of spell
I still can love u even if I am torn
Your hands on my heart, hands on my heart, hands on my heart…
Track Name: Insane
I know that you are not the only one for me
The universe is full of galaxies
The universe is full of holes.

I know that earth is not the only place for me
My mind is full of words uncalled
My heart is full of words untold.

I feel, I breathe, I know, I share but I don’t rest
I know that I was given soul to do my best
Where there is love, there is no end
I smash your wholeness with my head

Father, help me
Mother, help me
I am insane.

God has warned me
I did my way
I am in pain.

I have a double-headed beast inside from birth
Don’t even think to mock me, I am away one breath
Your immortality ends now
You’re dressed in blood the bull is out.

Father, help me
Mother, help me
I am insane.

God has warned me
I did my way
I am in pain.
Track Name: Star Gazer
Drawing my own clouds
I feel much safer
I feel much better
When I’m alone

Drawing my own friends
No one can hurt me
I feel much stronger
When I’m alone

Life is a broken
Mirror of faces
Mirror of places
I’ve never been

Drawing my lovers
Such mighty feeling
Here when I need them
There when I don’t

I feel better, I feel safer,
I feel stronger in my painting
I choose the colors of my own life
Track Name: Got My Way
You’re happy if you’re ignorant
My blinded pure white soul
I’m tripping in the universe
I have no flesh and bone

Grab my hand
Take me for a ride
Chasing down a star
Dancing with your fright

Give me a chance
Just let me heard
I cannot relate to
The world we create

Watch us as we unite in two
Into the sparkling light
Fast forward time rewind the reel
Gather and feel the tie

Show the way
It’s a space trip day
Hide and seek with Mars
Wings of cosmic dust

Give me a chance
Just let me heard
I cannot relate to
The world we create
Track Name: Your Mine
You want everything that’s mine
I want everything that’s yours

You want everything that’s mine
I want everything that’s yours

Killed my soul to buy some power
I can’t even shed a tear now

Sold my soul to buy some glory
I can’t even mourn my loss now

Hope we are free someday
Of our material souls
And dive, dive into one another
Without fear of loving
Without fear of losing
Without fear of needing
One another

Hope we are free someday
Of our worthless fears
And dive, dive into one another
With no need for talking
With no need for vows
Just dive, dive into one another.
Track Name: Oblivion
My lover, my hard-bake,
I come in handy for your sake
You left me, you jibber,
I frown at your obscene mistake
I dare not forgive you,
For what you are makes me forget
My deepest emotions.
Seem like a threesome quartet.

My heart goes in circles,
I am drawn to you but never reach.
I wonder my brother,
When will you see what’s clear for me.
I dare not forgive you,
For what you are reminds me of
My deepest deception,
That you and I feel the same way

Don’t you get it, you are my dead end,
It’s oblivion versus misery.

Don’t you get it, breathe and feed me,
It’s oblivion versus misery.

I am in shock now, I can’t have you,
It’s oblivion everything I see…
Track Name: Fly High
Reach out and touch me
Someone at last
My mind is aching for
A sudden beauty

Gaze at the sunrise
The thin red line
Reach out and touch it
And it is yours

Only way out

No useless puppets
Will make you cry
You have the whole sun
Right in your eyes

Only way out
Track Name: Abundant Life
I wanna cry, only when I am sad
I wanna die, only when I am full
No one can change, what I feel inside,
No one can judge, how I feel for you.
Go out and walk, they want you to rot
Go out and talk, you are not alone,
I am just like you, I can’t seem to rest,
I wanna fuck, only when I care.

Stop wanting more, more than you deserve,
Life is a whore, you pay and you get,
The only thing, I seem to possess,
My body fades, the spirit is blessed

We are living an abundant life